1Connections in Brass CW614N/ CW617N, according to the European Standard UNI EN 12164, provided with certificates of thermic normalization.
2Galvanic nickel plating complying with the environmental Standard ISO 14000:1.
3O-Ring and washers in certified EPDM.
4Liner made of thermoplastic silicon assuring a very high purity standard (medical), in accordance with the German Regulation DVGW W543/05 Gruppe I W270 KTW-A. Hygienically tested up to 90°C.
5Ferrules’ calibrated crimping to reduce encumbrances.
6Stainless Steel Braiding AISI 304 with reduced braiding pitch.
7Strict dimensional and geometrical controls to guarantee the product mechanical resistance and performance.
8AISI 304 stainless steel ferrules controlled and selected during each production stage. Conform to UNI 9028 Standard and able to pass the salt spray test for corrosion in accordance with UNI ISO 9227 Regulation.